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by Sintax

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    Shout Outs / Special Thanks to...
    First of all, we'd like to give a huge shout out to our homie DKM!! You are basically the unseen (but often heard) 3rd member of Sintax. Your beats / hooks are a huge part of this album and greatly influenced our overall sound as a group. You are greatly appreciated and we look forward to continuing on this journey with you! Next we would also like to give a big thank you to Dugan Fire (Mike Dugan). Your studio / engineering skills and expertise have also greatly helped us mold our sound. You are very much appreciated and also looked upon as an unofficial but highly influential and important member of team Sintax. We would like to thank everyone at Bilderburgh (Crumb, Traxx, Blender, Raspy & Rambo). Lumi would especially like to send a huge shout out and thank you to Crumb! You were there to help me get up and going with this music shit when I got out of jail in 2013. You may not realize it, but working with you and Blender really helped me to get motivated and start pursuing my music more seriously. Thanks for being there as a friend and also as a sort of mentor in this industry. I wish the best for you and the rest of Bilderburgh, as you pursue your dreams and continue to make killer music! Salute! Next we would like to thank Playboy The Beast, Sleep Lyrical, Legion, Ztarve, Samson Samson and everyone else at Murder Musick / Choppa Clique for their continued affiliation and support on every level! Squad up!! Big shout out to the homie Skrawler and also Ya Yah of Muccy Telly and Sweet Jesus Entertainment (UK). You guys are the roots of our international foundation and we look forward to working with you in the future! Big shout out and thanks to Allyn Kamlet (Ally K)!! Thanks for working with our crazy asses and showing us love and support! You are super talented and we look forward to hopefully working with you again as we continue our journey in the industry together. Shout out to Diebolik The Monster (LSP / Murder Musick)! You've been a big part of Skippy Ickum's musical endeavors and we look forward to doing a Sintax / Dieabolik The Monster collaboration in the future. Big up to Demo Demon and all of our brothers at UnderDark Music! You are a huge part of what we do and we appreciate all of your support! Salute to IRealz and Kenyattah Black. 2 major pieces to Lumi's support structure. I know we haven't talked for a minute, but love is love, as always! Also big shout out to our homie Jade The Nightmare! One of the hardest working rappers in the game today! Stay on the path you are on and the sky is the limit for you! 100!
    Thank you to all of our Brutal Business brothers-in-arms, including Jesse Sanford (Prof. Rhetorik), Cody Howard (Demo Demon), Roach and BiPolar (of Split Beliefs), Rob Tre, Martian, Johnny Bianco and Mike Fabian. Also a big thank you to Yung'n Voorheez and Truth Be Told! You are definitely a part of our extended family and we got mad love for ya'll!
    Sintax would also like to show love to everyone "behind-the-scenes" that has helped and supported us on our journey, including Jeff England, Sean Schemel, Elyse Hood (and everyone else at Pyramid!!), T.J. "Get Nasty" Harris, Daniel M James and Sammi Shearing of Tragic Hero Productions, Carly Jo (of Carly Casamento Photography), Mike Hitt (HittofMCM), Tyler Birss from, Amy "Raven" Emam and everyone over at CorruptTV, Brandy Peluso and everyone at UberGlass!! Thanks to Steve, Jen and everyone else at Side Bar. Thanks to Scoop and DJ of the Street Talk Entertainment battle league! Thanks to Ipoet Poetra at Five Milligrams for the killer artwork! Thank you to Chris "Grave-Bait" Lainhart for your continued help and support. Thank you to Jeremy Putra of Underground On Top and to Greg Kinney from Xanex Productions for all the hard work and time you've put behind helping us get our message out. We couldn't do this without you! We greatly appreciate you and look forward to working with you all in the future!
    Lastly, we would like to thank / shout out all of our friends, family and most importantly, our fans. Anyone who loves our music. Anyone who supports what we do and continues to show us love. And everyone that has been there for Lumi or Skippy in any way, including Skippy's beautiful wife Sara Jageman, Jennell Lewis and Tony Kocek (love ya'll man!), Jesse and Jordan Brelo, Alanna Toy, Anna Seemiller, Kevin Anderson, Shan Michaels, Лилит Катрамн (Nekroslut), Tegan Kline, London Steigerwald, Jerimie Sabatula, Dennis Wilson and Krystyne, Wiliam "Ill Will" Marmie, Daryn Skeath, Justin Davern, Mike Benzer, Fred Grable, Bill Trautman, Kevin Kurek, Brittany "Shaye FP" Zontek and Joseph Long, Nick Cifrulak, Porfilio "Philly" Hernadez, Bob Finn, Glenn "GB" Baroni, "Tennessee" Mike Skarada, Kyle Reed, Shan Michaels, Pat "Final Cut" Friend, Barz Blackman and Lazy JP from LAZYBLACKMAN, Tango, Kevin "Reverb" Yksort, and Lyz and Andrew Kaufmann. Thank you to the entire city of Pittsburgh and all other local artists / businesses! Thanks to the horrorcore / underground rap scene for all your love and continued support. There are way too many of you to list individually, but you know who you are. We love and appreciate every single one of you!! You are the reason we do this and without ya'll there would be no Sintax. Salute!! -Lumi & Skippy Ickum
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Sintax's debut album 'The Clinic' is the combined musical vision of hardcore / horrorcore rappers Lumi The Impaler and Skippy Ickum

Features from DKM, Bilderburgh, Skrawler, Sleep Lyrical, Dieabolik The Monster, and Ally K

Featuring production by: DKM, Vherbal, Anno Domini and Life and Death Productions

*Tracks 1 - 10 comprise the album 'The Clinic'

*Tracks 11 - 15 are 'bonus tracks' that may appear on other projects

Sintax - 'The Clinic'
Brutal Business Entertainment LLC - 2016


released May 20, 2016

Nicholas "Lumi" Shubert
Garrett "Skippy Ickum" Jageman


all rights reserved



Brutal Business Ent Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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